Guaranteed quality

Accredited center by the Instituto Cervantes

To learn Spanish in a center with quality guarantees in both academic and administrative processes, the best option is to do so in a center accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. Spanish Courses Unamuno obtained accreditation from the Instituto Cervantes in 2008, which means that it meets the conditions set by the Instituto Cervantes Accreditation System for Centres, the only international accreditation focused on the teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Our center also offers preparation courses to obtain the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE).

As a center accredited by the Cervantes Institute, we have a team of qualified teachers who will be able to guide you in your learning process, adapting to you and addressing your specific learning needs.

We apply our own evaluation processes for our programs and courses that favor the continuous improvement of the center.

EDUQATIA ISO 9001 quality certificates and EDUQATIA ISO 14001 environmental management certificates

Marca EDUQATIA ISO14001 AI-760-21 Marca EDUQATIA ISO9001 670-18 nueva

You can consult the ISO 9001 infographic at the following link (information only available in Spanish): Documentation-infographic-ISO-9001

Information Security Management System – ISO 27001
ISO 27100

Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back

In case of a complaint referring to a service that does not correspond to the description in the web of the Spanish Courses Unamuno (SCU), you must present it in writing to the administration of the school as soon as possible. SCU will rectify the situation within a period of 24 hours. If the service that caused the complaint had not been modified in agreement by the web, there are two possibilities:

– If we agree with you, we will return to you the total amount of the course and the accommodation.

– If we do not reach a friendly agreement with you, the complaint will be handled by the competent authorities of the Committee of Castile and León that will solve the case in favour or in opposition to the refund of the corresponding money.

Admissions and expulsions

Spanish Courses Unamuno reserves the right to accept students under 14 years, in exceptional cases expressly authorized by the parent/guardian, and with at least one monitor and/or tutor for every 10 students.

All students under 14 years if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian during your stay, will be considered by SCU as adults.

In the case of a serious disciplinary offence, repeated bad behavior or infringement of the laws of the country, the student will be expelled from the school and accommodation contracted with Spanish Courses Unamuno without the right to any refund.

In the case where damages are caused to third parties, all the expenses claimed to Spanish Courses Unamuno that were originated from the previously mentioned incident will be charged to the student, who will have no right to later claims.

Placement test

If you have not done the online placement test before, on the first day of class, outside school hours, you will take an exam in order to place you in an appropriate level. Your teacher will assess your progress every week and you will change of level if it necessary.

Attendance certificate

Attendance certificates will be given to those students who have attended at least 90% of the classes. The certificates are valid academic, but they are unofficial.

Exams and Certificate of achievement

Certificates of achievement will be given to those students who have attended 90% of the classes and have successfully passed the continuous evaluation and the final exam.

Exams will be made 1 or 2 days before the end of the course and they will consist of a written test and sometimes an oral test; this will depend on the level and the teacher’s criteria to evaluate the knowledge acquired.

Exams are corrected by the teachers. Once corrected, they are available to all who wish to consult.

The certificates of achievement have only academic validity, but they are not official.

Small classes

We try to ensure that the maximum number of students per class is ten, regardless of the number of students enrolled, to guarantee quality teaching. Students will be distributed into different classes according to their level of Spanish.

Activities and excursions

All our activities and our excursions, are operated and supervised by TRAVEL AND EXPERIENCES PEOPLE TO PEOPLE PROGRAMS (ASEL, SL) with license number: CICL 37-114.

We guarantee that all the information contained in our website is contractually binding. Spanish Courses Unamuno reserves the right to change or update our information at any time.

Protocol for the treatment and resolution of incidents related to harassment/abuse and discrimination on the basis of gender or gender identity

This centre has a protocol for the treatment and resolution of incidents related to harassment/abuse and discrimination on the basis of gender or gender identity.

If you have suffered at any time by the members of this centre (students, teachers, family or other personnel of the centre) some situation in which you have felt your integrity violated due to questions of imbalance, inequality, harassment or abuse (whether for sexual reasons, sexual orientation, gender inequality or others). Do not be quiet, speak up!

– Write to

– Your notification will be treated confidentially.

– A team of people will value your situation to give you the best help possible.

– We’ll find a solution to your problem.