The SFL Classroom Resources course is aimed at all those teachers and future teachers of Spanish interested in bringing dynamism to their classes and developing their originality when creating material, in order to use it in their professional work.

Through examples focused on specific topics that work on the lexicon, verb tenses or cultural aspects of the language, teachers will enhance their creativity and this will give more dynamism to their ELE class; They will also learn to find optimal and efficient ways to take advantage of the resources that are available to them on the Internet.

Course dynamics: a deductive learning system is proposed through the reading of theoretical contents, a sample of practical examples and the viewing of explanatory videos. The work is focused through its own monitoring, without the intervention of the tutor. That is, it is not necessary to carry out activities or deliveries of evaluable practices. After finishing the reading of the contents of each of the topics, the participant is shown concrete examples of carrying out activities through a complete didactic unit. Similarly, you have access to explanatory videos of the material seen.