Spanish Courses Unamuno Methodology

The methodology of our school is based on a communicative approach. The methodological update that requires the dynamics of our courses, leads us to develop content through an approach “to work”. The aim of the learning process is the student; the teacher is a mere driver. Thus, it is necessary to give students the opportunity to enhance interactivity and self-learning tools. This interaction is created through the development of different tasks within the courses. To do this, our methodology requires the use of visual activities and exemplifying, attractive and dynamic sessions, through the use of interactive whiteboards, directed dialogues, outside activities, practical exercises etc.


The Colegio Unamuno has its own teaching materials; published in 1999 his method of teaching Spanish to foreigners “Live Spanish”. We created a new method in 2013: “Descubre el Español” available for our students.

Currently we are working on creating new materials and especially new teaching methods tailored to the requirements and market practice that is home to our target audience (students of Spanish worldwide); eg training online.

All our courses are adapted to the standards set by the Curricular Plan of Cervantes Institute which in turn follows the recommendations of the Common European Framework of Reference for the division of levels of knowledge of the Spanish Language (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).