Online Assessment Systems Course for the ELE classes

Our Online Assessment Systems Course for the ELE classes offers advanced and specialized training in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, designed for both novice and experienced Spanish teachers.

The purpose of the course is to guarantee the reliability of the certification of online classes through tools created specifically for that purpose. It is designed to offer a solution to the lack of confidence generated by the evaluation of distance classes. To do this, we propose different tools depending on the evaluation methods.

It is developed in a theoretical-practical way, promoting autonomous work and self-learning, aspects that will provide teachers with the ability to update their knowledge throughout their professional life.

It is divided into three units, which correspond to the division acquired by the Report on initiatives and online university assessment tools in the context of Covid-19. Unit 1: Quizzes and short questions, Unit 2: Oral exams and presentations and Unit 3: Assignments, projects and portfolios.