Learn Spanish in Salamanca - Unamuno School Learn Spanish in Salamanca, in a historical and cultural environment.

For its history linked to culture and art, Salamanca is the ideal environment to study Spanish. As a home to one of the oldest Universities in Europe, Salamanca’s cultural heritage has paved it’s way through history. It is an exceptional value due to its abundance and it encompasses virtually all architectural styles. Thanks to the university, Salamanca is a young city with a great atmosphere in which it is very easy to make friends and practice speaking Spanish with their inhabitants. Besides, Salamanca has the best Spanish spoken.

The location of Spanish Courses Unamuno, just a few minutes from the city center, which is perfect to enjoy your language immersion, activities and excursions offered in our programs. The buses for the excursions depart from a meeting point which is a few minutes from the school.

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We offer various types of accommodation depending on your needs. You can choose to stay with a Spanish family and live a full inmersion or you can stay in a residence with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. If you prefer, also we can inform you about the hotels and B & Bs in all price ranges and categories.