Salamanca – a city of history

For its history linked to culture and art, Salamanca is the ideal environment to study Spanish in a historical and cultural environment.

As a home to one of the oldest Universities in Europe, Salamanca’s cultural heritage has paved it’s way through history. It is an exceptional value due to its abundance and it encompasses virtually all architectural styles.

To our visitors, perhaps one of the main attractions are its size, which makes it manageable and safe. Walking through its streets and alleys full of history and art, makes the visit a unique experience.

Thanks to the university, Salamanca is a young city with a great atmosphere in which it is very easy to make friends and practice speaking Spanish with the inhabitants.

In addition, Salamanca has the best Spanish spoken in Spain. Salamanca is located in Castilla-Leon, the Spanish region where people speaks with the purest spanish accent, called Castilian, which is the easiest to learn and understand.

Salamanca’s cultural life is rich and bustles in the streets, day and night, offering plenty of leisure and entertainment.

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