Spanish has been a part of the United States society for a long time now. We can see the language of Cervantes on the movies and TV shows since late 50s and most of the times, those Little words has become famous. I know that Hasta la vista baby is very familiar for most of the Americans, as well as señorita, cafecito, drama and many others.

 But, what are the real figures of Spanish Speakers in the USA? There are many studies been held and there is an Observatory on this subject, this issue has a great relevance since it affects the economy of the country

Actually, there are more than 40 million Spanish Speakers in the United States, this represents 13% of its population and it is in the third position of countries where Spanish is more spoken –only after México and Spain.

This seems to mean that Spanish will increase its number of speakers in the USA for the years to come, and it has also been said that in the future, there will be more Spanish than english, but unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the tendency.

The first generation of migrants spoke much more spanish than english, but the second generation didn’t spoke that much spanish, and the third one decreases it’s fluidity in spanish and most of the time, they just speak English.

This is so because children born in the USA don’t learn spanish at school and they only hear a Little spanish at home –or perhaps on the moovies. That is the reason why, they can understund but they can barely speak since they never practice.

This can be a problem because Spanish is a language used -not only in the private area- but also in bussiness and tourism.
So, it doesn’t seem vey intelligent to let this language die in a country where there are already so many speakers. The solution to this situation should start by implementing dual-language programs throughout the public school system. As they have already do in Miami. But in the meanwhile, children born in an Spanish family, should take advantage of their privilege and have some lessons in Spanish. With such an small effort they could get very good results that could help them in the future to find a better job – because Spanish is very demanded.

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Don’t miss the chance you have to improve your Spanish skills, you could find them very useful in the future!