Did you know that nowadays there are more tan 20 million Spanish students? This number grows every day and it is estimated that it will keep rising since knowing Spanish has proved to be very useful in real live. Not only for business purposes but also for leisure and private life. Spanish is your best ally to communicate with people from more than 20 countries all over 4 continents: South and North America, Europe and Africa .

Step 1- Hurry up and make your registration!

You don’t have many days left to fulfill the enrollment form of your DELE exam in April, but you have a whole month to prepare it with us! You can check our courses calls following the link. In Spanish Courses Unamuno we will make your life easier since we can take care of your flight and stay in Spain, or you can have an A1 online course. Having everything set will help you through your studying process and will aloud you to focus on your Intensive Spanish course; you can go for one-to-one lessons or for groups of 5 students!

Step 2 – Organize your time

If you finally decide to prepare your exam with us, we will help you manage your time not only during your studying process but also during your test time. We will guide you through the optimization of your previous knowledge and we will keep going from there.

Besides, you can check, on the Instituto Cervantes webpage the duration for every part of the exam, that way you won’t be caught off-garde. Remember that you have to pass every part in order to get your certificate, keep riding and you’ll discover more hints.

Step 3 – During your exam… don’t get nervous!

How many times have you gone through an exam you were confident with but your nerves played a bad trick on you? We are aware that nerves run high but you have to learn to control and dominate them. The best option to resolve this situation is to confront your exam been very well prepared and once you are in front of the blank paper you need to know how to handle it. If you don’t know one of the answers: don’t freeze there! Keep moving! Just make a mark and come back later…Keep reading our next step, the news may make your day…

Step 4 – Most of the times the answer is already on the exam sheet!

It is always recommended –almost mandatory- to read the whole exam before starting writing. But in a Foreign Language Exam this simple step has more value still. Why? Well, because you can find the answers right on the exercise below: reading the exam can solve all your doubts.

For example:

-If you have an spelling doubt about a Word in Spanish, don’t hesite! Go and look for it in a text.

– If you don’t know how to conjugate a verb, use another one as a reference, was it regular? ☺

– You can also look for common expressions, connections, uses of prepositions…


Step 5 – You can find an ally on the Oral exam!

You probably know more things that you expected and it is the right moment to show it to the audience. Many students are afraid of the oral exam but this shouldn’t be so frequent since the Oral exam is your chance to make an impression.

Depending on your level the examiners will require you to master one or other grammar content but they will look for more aspects. Not only grammatical accurately matters! They also want to see how you react when you are missing a word or you are having an understanding problem. Don’t stay quite! Move your arms to stress your communication, point with your finger or speak louder and fluently.

It is also a good moment to demonstrate how many cultural details you know about Mexico, Spain, Colombia… So remember: prepare something coherent and simple about a fun fact from a Spanish Speaking country and explain it to the examiners as if you were an actor on the Theatre. Examiners are not looking for a great speaker, only a great communicator and… You are lucky! communication doesn’t come only from words!

So you know: if you want to prepare your DELE exam with specialists on Spanish Teaching in order to get the most profit of your previous knowledge, just come visit us! We will be at your disposal for further information and to get all your traveling procedures ready. In our School we have much more tricks, advices and exams prototypes to help you confront your exam with the best preparation!


:) ¡Buena suerte! :)