Salamanca/ Live your immersion experience in Salamanca, Spain!

We would like to welcome our collegue Jenna! She is working with us in our school in Salamanca and it is a pleasure to introduce her for you to know about the inmmersion in Spanish experience!

Salamanca: The City of Dreams (especially for students)

Salamanca, Spain. The Cathedral. The Roman Bridge. Plaza Mayor… This city is a city of dreams, especially for students such as myself. I have the opportunity to study, work, and live in a place with a plethora of culture, food, and classes only available here.

 I study at the University of Salamanca, one of the most famous (and beautiful) universities in the world. I am taking three classes: Spanish for Business, Women in Spanish History, and Current Spain.

 I live with a family on Paseo de las Carmelitas. My apartment is in the perfect location, only five minutes away from Plaza Mayor, ten minutes from school, and twenty minutes from work. My host mom is caring, and funny, too! She cooks delicious food every day. My favorite dish is Spanish Tortilla.

 I work for Spanish Courses Unamuno, a company dedicated to teaching Spanish in Spain. I am part of a phenomenal team. Everyone here wants to create opportunities for students and teachers from all over the world. Spanish Courses Unamuno has classes for every level, from new students to teachers with years of experience.

More than anything, I have the ability to improve my Spanish in a city of people who speak the language perfectly. Spanish purer than the Spanish spoken in Salamanca does not exist. Every day I can practice and every day, my ability increases. Being bilingual is a dream for me, and every day, I live my dream here in Salamanca.

 When will you live your dream here?

Jenna Sadecki. Coworker in Spanish Courses Unamuno.