The enrollment fee is 40€ per person and includes: Orientation in the city, dossier, transfer service from train or bus station in Salamanca to your accomodation (contracted with us) in the city, student card, diploma and certificates.

The cost of the enrollment is not deductible from the total price of the course. Students enrolled in various courses will only pay the enrollment fee once.

Payment of the courses and services hired should be done through accepted means and in Spanish Courses Unamuno’s due date:

Courses in classroom and another services:

The payment of total amount (Inscription, Course and accomodation, where applicable) should be done two weeks before the begining course.

40€ + 40% Course +
Accomodation (where applicable)
If you have done this
payment, you won’t have any refund right.
60% remaining Course + Accomodation (where applicable) Devolution: You should notify your cancelation at least 10 days
before the beginning of the course. If you notify later you won’t have any refund.
Once you have paid all the course. No applicable any refund right.

You should pay the enrollment fee + 40% of the course and accomodation payment, where applicable, to get your reservation at least 4 weeks before the beginning of the course.

The remaining 60% of the course and accomodation payment, (where applicable) may be done two weeks before the beginning of the course.

Important information:

If you have to cancelate your trip to Salamanca for any reason, you may contact  us (using e-mail or fax) at least ten days before the beginning of the chosen course. This way, you could get your money back: 60% of the course and accomodation payment, (where applicable).

If you call us after this ten days, you won’t have any devolution right.

No Show Case: You wont’ have any devolution right.

We will not provide any document in order to obtain a visa, until the payment required has been effected in full.

Special Extras:

To group requests for special character (reduction or enlargement of scheduled times, lower number of participants in one group or other reasons) will be calculated a minimum surcharge of 30% on the course price per hour for groups .

Courses Online:

There is no enrolment fee charge in the case you follow an online course.

The payment of the total amount of the course chosen should be done before the keys to access our e-learning space, have been sent.

Once the payment has been made, no right of reimbursement will be granted. However, each particular case may be assessed to extend the starting date of the chosen course, reserving the spot in the course, provided that there are justified reasons.