Salamanca is situated in the north of Spain, two hours from Madrid. If you are thinking about doing your spanish course in Salamanca, we propose you different itineraries to make your arrival as easy as possible.

The quickest and most direct way to travel is by plane to Madrid (Barajas Airport). Once you reach the airport, there are buses and trains that leave from Madrid to Salamanca every hour from 7:00 to 22:00. The journey from Madrid to Salamanca takes approximately 2 and a half hours.

You could also travel to Salamanca by bus or train if you are coming from Europe. There is a direct line (with 2 journeys per week) that passes through various countries. Further information:

Spanish Courses Unamuno also offer the option of a direct and private pick up service from Madrid airport to Salamanca. If you are interested in this option you can see our page “transfer”  and contact us:

From Madrid to Salamanca

Madrid – Salamanca by train

The first advantage of traveling by train is comfortability.
You can stretch your legs and walk around the wagon. Even you can buy something to eat or drink in the café wagon.

How to get from the airport to the train station?

If you are looking for a cheaper way , we recommend the subway, the journey takes 37 minutes and you have to change the line 3 times.
If you prefer the bus, there are three lines which connect the airport to the center of Madrid, but not directly to the train station.
The taxi option is more convenient, but more expensive, the cost per trip ranges between 30 and 40 euros.


Madrid Chamartín – Salamanca


2 hours and 39 minutes.


Trains usually leave every 2 or 3 hours.
The first train leaves at 08: 30h and the last one at 21:13h, although sometimes these hours can vary.

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Madrid – Salamanca by bus

There are two options:

– Direct bus from the airport to Salamanca. The bus leaves from the bus parking at Terminal 1.
– Bus from Méndez Álvaro Station to Salamanca. More buses leave from Méndez Álvaro.

You can get to the bus station by subway, local bus or taxi.

How to get from Madrid airport to the bus station?

If you are looking for a cheaper way, we recommend the subway, although the journey takes almost one hour.
The taxi option is more convenient, but more expensive, the cost per trip ranges between 30 and 40 euros.


Madrid – Salamanca
Madrid airport – Salamanca


Madrid – Salamanca: 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Madrid airport- Salamanca: 2 hours and 50 minutes.


– From the airport.
Buses usually leave from the airport every 2 hours.
The first bus from the airport usually leaves at 13:00h and the last one at 22:15h.

– From Méndez Álvaro Bus Station.
Buses leaves each hour.
The first bus leaves at 07:00h and the last one at 22:15h.

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