Spanish courses in group in Salamanca

We offer several courses of Spanish, about Spanish and for teaching Spanish. Here you will find our calls for spanish courses in Salamanca: General and specific Spanish, courses for teachers of Spanish, courses to prepare DELE.

If you want to improve your knowledge of spanish language: See our calls for spanish courses in Salamanca; we have ordinary calls for levels A1, A2, B1 and B2. Levels C1 and C2 are organized by extraordinary calls  (Circle in blue) You can follow a course in individual sessions or with a partner in any date you choose.

If you want to follow a course to teach spanish as a foreign language: See our calls for courses for spanish teachers. We offer several dates to follow a course in Salamanca; you always can follow a similar course online (Circle in red)

If you want to prepare the DELE exams: See our calls for DELE exams. We offer several courses to prepare these exams: DELE10 10 hours per week; DELE20: 20 hours per week; DELE30: 20 hours of general spanish + 10 hours to prepare DELE per week (Circle in yellow)

You always can follow your course in another dates in individual sessions or with a partner.

Besides, if you have a group with your friends or collegues, we offer interesting discounts for you! Tell us here: