Dates for Spanish courses in Salamanca

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Ordinary calls

Dates for Spanish courses in Salamanca

Ordinary annual calls by level: 4 calls for A1, 4 calls for A2, 4 calls for B1, 3 calls for B2. C1 and C2: consult.

Level Dates Call*
A1 18th, February – 1st, March
Beginners Winter, 2019
A1 04th – 15th, March
 2 weeks March, 2019
A2 04th – 22nd, March
  3 weeks March, 2019
A2 1st – 19th, April**
3 weeks Spring, 2019
B2 18th, February – 29th, March
6 weeks Winter, 2019
B2 01st, April – 10th, May**
6 weeks Spring, 2019
C1 01st – 26th, April**
Advanced, 2019
B1 06th – 31st, May**
4 weeks Spring, 2019

Specify the date in your enrolment form

** 18th April, 19th April, 23rd April and 1st May are bank holidays.

Level/ Week Dates Call*
A1 03rd- 14th, June**
Beginners Summer, 2019
B1 03rd- 28th, June**
4 weeks Summer, 2019
A2 17th, June – 5th, July
3 weeks Summer, 2019
B1 8th, July – 2nd, August
4 weeks Summer, 2019
B2 1st, July – 09th, August
6 weeks Summer, 2019
A1 2nd – 13th, September**
Beginners Fall, 2019
A2 16th, September – 04th, October
3 weeks Fall, 2019
B1 07th, October – 01st, November**
4 weeks Fall, 2019

Specify the date in your enrolment form

** 12th June, 9th September and 1st November are bank holidays.

Extraordinary calls

Summer, 2019

Salamanca. Level B1. 2 weeks. 40 hours.

15th, July – 26th, July

Price: 280€

Enrolment fee: 40€

Enroll here: enrolment

Dates for spanish courses in Salamanca

Extraordinary calls: They will be published in this page according to school calendar with forecast of formed groups. Further information:

Forming groups

If your dates are out of our calendar: help us to form groups with the same level and get interesting discounts on your Spanish course!

Our groups consist of a maximum of 10 – 12 students, depending on the level.