Offers for Spanish Courses

Individual sessions at a better price! 2 hours per week during 5 weeks or more: 22€/hour.

Offer valid in Fall season.

Offer details:

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This offer is aimed to people who wants to maintain their skills in Spanish, for example for those who are studying at the university and need to improve the skills in Spanish language. If you want to do a DELE exam in the future and you are in Salamanca, you can maintain your Spanish constantly and then take the step to prepare the oficial exam in an intensive way, when the date is coming. We can prepare you and we can prepare you to prepare! :)

We will publicate offers for Spanish Courses in order to form groups of the same level of knowledge of Spanish language.

You can find our offers for Spanish Courses also in our social media: Facebook, Conversación en Español – Cafetería Unamuno, Estudiar español en Salamanca, Instagram, Twitter.

If you are interested in an specific course of Spanish with your own colleagues, please write to us here:

If you are a Spanish teacher or someone interested in a program for a group with Spanish course, see our programs for groups with Spanish courses here: groups

Ask our staff  for our current offers for Spanish Courses.

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