Specific Spanish Courses in Salamanca

Our Spanish courses for specific purposes deepen their knowledge of the language through specific content and respond to the growing demand for learning of different professional sectors: Spanish Culture and Civilization Course, Medical Spanish Course, Business Spanish Course and Legal Spanish Course.

Offered for intermediate and advanced levels of language proficiency, at our spanish school in Salamanca.

Our specific Spanish courses

Spanish Culture Course in Salamanca

Spanish Culture and Civilization Course

These specific Spanish courses are an ideal complement for those students with a high level of Spanish interested in immersing themselves into the Spanish civilization and culture.

Medical Spanish Courses + Internships in Salamanca

Medical Spanish Course + Internships

In these specific Spanish courses, students develop understanding and communication in real situations. They learn the basic vocabulary related to medicine, they study grammatical structures and basic functions.

Business Spanish Courses in Salamanca + Internships

Business Spanish Course + Internships

These business specific Spanish courses will be mainly practical. The student will study real cases and he will recreate communication situations specific to the field of business

Legal Spanish Courses in Salamanca + Internships

Legal Spanish Course + Internships

These specific Spanish courses for jurisprudence, will combine the study of Spanish language with the study of terms of the professional field to which the student is going to face every day.